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Statistics, Economics and Finance BSc - Jemma Permalloo

Student profile: Jemma Permalloo

Degree: Statistics, Economics and Finance BSc
Second year
Subject area: Statistical Science

I wanted to choose a degree that would enable me to enjoy the practical side of economics and finance. This programme, incorporating mathematics, statistics and other fields of study, is different from the pure ‘Economics’ degree offered by other universities as it gives various career prospects. Although I got offers from other excellent UK universities, I firmly accepted the offer from UCL. Undoubtedly, it provides world-class quality education, which is a prerequisite in today’s competitive world of work.

London is definitely a fast-paced city providing numerous opportunities and being at a reputed university like UCL opens the door to a rich set of career opportunities. As a first-year student, I attended many career fairs and networking events organised by UCL Careers. Having networked with professionals in many fields, I learnt about the borderless spring internships available to first year students. I have applied to many and even got selected for interviews at J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and PwC.

Upon an offer from the leading investment bank J.P. Morgan, I immediately agreed to be part of their team of spring interns. The ‘Inside the Industry’ programme will enable me to demonstrate and further hone the skills acquired in lectures.