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Economics and Business with East European Studies - Jakub Szukalski

Student profile: Jakub Szukalski

Degree: Economics and Business with East European Studies
Third year
Subject area: Economics and Business

I decided to come to UCL because I heard about the fantastic opportunities to develop your interests outside of lectures and classes available to students here. You can really follow any passion you may have and tremendously develop your understanding of multiple scientific areas while at the same time sharing your knowledge with other students.

What I enjoyed most about my course was the fact that all my lecturers represented world-class level and were experts in their respective fields, but at the same time were greatly accessible to students and always offered help. It also surprised me how well they were able to communicate with students. Although the workload made the life tough, I really feel UCL has changed the way I look at the world and understand the pressing issues around me.

UCL's vast resources have always guided me through the struggles I have been through during my course and allowed me to develop the important research skills.