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Pharmacology BSc - Io Ieong Chan

Student profile: Io Ieong Chan

Degree: Pharmacology BSc
Second year
Subject area: Pharmacology

I chose Pharmacology because I have always been fascinated by drug actions and their effects. The Faculty of Life Sciences at UCL is often high-rated by students and their top class research quality was also a main factor when I was choosing my university.

Practicals and tutorials are hugely involved in my pharmacology course in my second year, which provide me with fruitful experiences in carrying out experiments on different animal tissues with different drugs that we learned from lectures. The lab technicians are helpful and they are always willing to explain what is happening during an experiment. The library opens 24 hours during weekdays, it is helpful when you have a report due in the day after. I am hoping to stay on life science or training that is related to the things I learn from my degree e.g. public health.

Living in London is certainly expensive but there are always something new for you to discover, the excellent transport system in London allows me to stay in the library till late but still able to get home in a reasonable amount of time.