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Russian Studies BA - Helen Nguyen

Student profile: Helen Nguyen

Degree: Russian Studies BA
First year
Subject area: Russian and East European Languages and Culture

I studied Russian at school and I found the wide range of cultural aspects – from Russian literature and film, to history and current affairs – very engaging. The Russian Studies course at SSEES is very flexible, and allowed me to continue studying such a variety of topics.

Russian Cinema is definitely my favourite course so far – surprisingly enough, I was adamant in not choosing it during induction week! I’m glad I changed my mind though, the tutor is fantastic and the general flexibility of the degree programme is great; as well as my Russian cultural courses, I’m also doing a course in German. I hope to complete an MA in either interpretation or translation, or both. Preferably I'll be working for the government in the future.

For culture London is amazing – bookshops, the National Theatre, the British Museum, comedy and theatre at the Bloomsbury Theatre are some of the highlights, and Pushkin House in Holborn is fantastic for Russian-related cultural events.