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Chemical Engineering MEng - Harry Michalakakis

Student profile: Harry Michalakakis

Degree: Chemical Engineering MEng
Third year
Subject area: Chemical Engineering

I chose chemical engineering because of the diversity of options and opportunities available to chemical engineering graduates. The skills we gain through it are very popular with employers. Most importantly though, chemical engineers have such an influence on technology and industry that we can really put our skills to good work and positively influence society.

What I enjoy most about the programme is the togetherness of our year. We are all faced with incredibly hard problems and we always bounce ideas off each other and discuss what we have learned in lectures. I have had two summer internships so far and I feel that UCL has equipped me well to cope with real-life situations. Also, the Institution of Chemical Engineers headquarters are very close to UCL; you can go there to attend lectures to expand your horizons when it comes to chemical engineering.