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Chemistry MSci - Gurpreet Virdi

Student profile: Gurpreet Virdi

Degree: Chemistry MSci
Second year
Subject area: Chemistry

I chose to study chemistry at university as it is the one subject that always left me fascinated. Chemistry is such a fundamental science, it governs the world, our everyday lives and the way our bodies function. Since I started learning chemistry as a separate subject, I began seeing the world from a whole different point of view. There is so much more to everything around us and that thirst for knowledge, of wanting to know more and better understand the world made me continue studying chemistry at degree level. I chose to come to UCL because I really liked the atmosphere here, the people here are extremely nice and friendly. The first time I came here, I instantly fell in love with the place. I knew that this was where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life studying chemistry.

I really enjoy labs, they allow you to apply the chemistry you have learnt in lectures and also develop more insight into the subject. I also really enjoyed the optional courses I took alongside my compulsory Chemistry courses. Last year I picked courses in Biochemistry and Mathematics and this year I am doing a course in Spanish. I really like the fact that we get to pick optional courses as we get to expand our knowledge outside of chemistry and explore other subjects.