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Mechanical Engineering MEng - Douglas Stridsberg

Student profile: Douglas Stridsberg

Degree: Mechanical Engineering MEng
Second year
Subject area: Mechanical Engineering

I have long had a passion for technology and engineering and so studying it at university was an obvious choice for me. The fact that UCL is one of the world's best universities, coupled with the tough subject of mechanical engineering, made it an easy choice for me.

To me, the most interesting part of the programme is the practical work we do. There is something truly fascinating in designing a part in advanced 3D modelling software, sending it off to be 3D printed and then holding the part in your hands. The theory we study is interesting, but it is when we get to apply the theory to something practical that the subject truly comes alive.

Right now, my main interest and focus is aeronautical engineering but as we study such a wide variety of subjects, this may change at any point. An Engineering degree from UCL really gives me the option to enter almost any industry. As we are taught to solve problems, our skills can be applied to many different career options.