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Medicine MBBS - Carmen Camino Garcia

Student profile: Carmen Camino Garcia

Degree: Medicine MBBS
Second year
Subject area: Medicine

One of the most special things about studying medicine here is definitely being able to do dissections. I did not realize the importance of this until we started with anatomy but now I realize that the best way of learning about something as complex as the human body is simply seeing it for yourself! The pictures in the textbooks are so different to the real thing that it seems impossible to understand things had we not had access to the anatomy lab. My dream is to work for Médécins Sans Frontières or the Red Cross at some point, and go out there to help those in most need. Hopefully I will be able to make it happen!

I was surprised by the scale of the facilities at UCL. Simply going to the Science Library and seeing all the computers available, all the printers and of course all the books is quite impressive. I'm also looking forward to seeing how the Medical School Library currently under construction will turn out. Before starting they asked us for our opinions about everything so it is incredibly student-centred. Our dry labs are also incredibly modern – we can test medical equipment during laboratories, use histology programs, simulations and many other programs.

I am so glad I chose UCL! I would not chose any other university if I had to apply again. I don't think many other medical schools in the UK have three hospitals to do clinics, so many placements, such great facilities and all that while living in one of the most important capitals in the world. I feel quite privileged being here I must admit! I love it!