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Psychology BSc - Bryony Insua-Summerhays

Student profile: Bryony Insua-Summerhays

Degree: Psychology BSc
Second year
Subject area: Psychology

I think it's only when you get to University that you realise quite what it means to have the level of research influence that UCL's Brain Science Department has. Personally I love anything clinical and neurobiological, but the course is broad and if you're convinced that this aspect of Psychology isn't for you then you can immerse yourself in any number of other modules.

The organisation of the degree programme here is fantastic, and feedback is really taken seriously. I think it's pretty amazing how all our lectures are now recorded and accessible from home. There's a big focus on Lab Report writing in UCL's Psychology course - this is quite daunting in first year but an absolutely invaluable experience to have under your belt. By final year, UCL's Psychology students are so fluent in research write-ups that some even get published in academic journals.

Studying at UCL though has made me wonder if I want to push my studies one step-further to pursue Clinical Neuropsychology, a branch of psychology concerned with evaluating and treating brain-behaviour conditions. This would involve completing both the Clinical Psychology doctorate and a PgDip in Clinical Neuropsychology... A long way to go, but hopefully worth it in the end!