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Neuroscience MSci - Alessandro Galloni

Student profile: Alessandro Galloni

Degree: Neuroscience MSci
Third year
Subject area: Neuroscience

I chose Neuroscience because, although I did not know exactly what I wanted to study, I knew that I wanted to enter a new and interdisciplinary field, working on challenging problems to answer some of the most fundamental questions in the universe. My attention soon turned to neuroscience and the functioning of the brain, a spectacularly complex organ responsible for intelligence, creativity, emotions, culture and everything else that makes us human. This great unsolved mystery, so fundamental to our existence, seemed too important and interesting to ignore.

The programme provides a great combination of theoretical work and practical work. From the first year, you begin to learn some fundamental concepts of neuroanatomy and of the functioning of the brain on a cellular and molecular level. The courses at UCL are very well structured, with lectures taught by leading researchers, and offer many opportunities to develop your interests and gain useful skills and experience for your future career.

The large number of different research groups at UCL also provides a great opportunity for undertaking summer placements and experience hands-on work at the cutting edge of research. After completing my degree I plan to continue my studies in this field by pursuing a PhD degree and hopefully enter a career in research.