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History BA - Agata Zielinska

Student profile: Agata Zielinska

Degree: History BA
Second year
Subject area: Social and Historical Sciences

My favorite aspect of my degree is the fact that I can tailor it to my own interests. Aside from a couple of mandatory courses in my first year, from the beginning of my studies I was able to choose modules that I truly wanted to study. Even though my degree – BA History – is a general History degree, I am able to choose courses that are about the Middle Ages, and my friends, interested in modern times or the ancient world are likewise able to focus on those periods. And someone who doesn't have a favorite field can take different classes spanning the centuries, as well.

I hope to continue my studies and do a Master’s in History after I complete my degree, and then, hopefully, a PhD as well! I truly am interested in staying within academia, and the professors that have taught me so far only seem to prove to me that this is something I would enjoy doing. The UCL History Department has a Master’s programme called MARS - Medieval and Renaissance Studies, which seems like something perfect for me.

Since my degree is a very independent one, each student is assigned a Personal Tutor who is someone we can contact if we have any queries or worries about our degree, courses, as well as more personal issues. It's reassuring to know that there is a person that you can rely on to be able to help you make the most of your life at university, whether in academic terms or just generally.