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Biochemistry BSc - Aadam Akhtar

Student profile: Aadam Akhtar

Degree: Biochemistry BSc
First year
Subject area: Biochemistry and Biotechnology

I chose UCL because it is a very good university and is well known worldwide as well as having a good location in the centre of London. I have always been very interested in the chemistry behind biology such as protein formation and enzyme activity. What I enjoy most about my course is the fact that I will never get bored of it because it is something that has always interested me.

Living in London is great because it has everything you need as a student and is easy to get around because Euston Square underground station is no more than a few hundred metres from the main entrance. The facilities are amazing. There is always a place you can go to for any occasion where if you want peace and quiet you can go to anyone of the many libraries or if you want to socialise or do group activities the student hub is always available.

I have used my personal tutor for help on many occasions and he has been very helpful in aiding my understanding of the subject. When I'm not studying I like to unwind by playing golf and next year I hope to start fencing and polo.