UCL-IoE merger

UCL and the Institute of Education merged on December 2, 2014. Learn about the study options available to you.

Student views

Open quoteHad I never gone to UCL it is unlikely I would have found this area of study that I have become very passionate about.Close quote

Johanna Stegner - Anthropology

Johanna Stegner

Open quoteIt is difficult to choose what I enjoy most about my degree programme because there are so many reasons.Close quote

Brigid Geist - Archaeology

Brigid Geist

Open quoteIts capacity to stretch each individual’s imagination and skills is what sets this school apart from all others.Close quote

Emily Priest - Architecture

Emily Priest

Open quoteThrough studying Arts and Sciences I have met several entrepreneurs and future leaders in London, and I have collaborated with some of them too.Close quote

Oliver Rutherford - Arts and Sciences

Oliver Rutherford

Open quoteLondon is unlike no other city I have visited. There’s an energy and a buzz in London that I found truly inspiring and drove me to want to achieve success.Close quote

Jasmin Samaras - Biochemical Engineering and Bioprocessing

Jasmin Samaras

Open quoteI chose UCL because it is a very good university and is well known worldwide as well as having a good location in the centre of London.Close quote

Aadam Akhtar - Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Aadam Akhtar

Open quoteWe do a lot of fieldwork in biology with trips to places like Spain and Scotland, revealing the practical and outdoor side of the subject.Close quote

Jasmine Husseini - Biological Sciences

Jasmine Husseini

Open quoteHaving acquired a sound foundation in the mechanisms of the body, I want to pursue a career in Medicine.Close quote

Ihuoma Onwusor - Biomedical Sciences

Ihuoma Onwusor

Open quoteBSc (Hons) Project Management for Construction is a very specialised course, offering RICS accreditation.Close quote

Wolfgang Reiss - Built Environment

Wolfgang Reiss

Open quoteIt is one of the hardest degrees there are and because of the skills we gain through it we are very popular with employers.Close quote

Harry Michalakakis - Chemical Engineering

Harry Michalakakis

Open quoteChemistry is such a fundamental science, it governs the world, our everyday lives and the way our body functions.Close quote

Gurpreet Virdi - Chemistry

Gurpreet Virdi

Open quoteI wanted to commit myself to a degree that would have a positive impact on the environment and society.Close quote

Rena Seyidova - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Rena Seyidova

Open quoteWhat drew me to UCL's programme was the wide range of courses available to Classics students; it even allows you to choose courses from other UCL departments and those at the University of London too.Close quote

Laura Chan - Classical World

Laura Chan

Open quoteThe MEng is quite a wide and diverse programme and involves developing solutions to real world problems.Close quote

Navin Bharwani - Computer Science

Navin Bharwani

Open quoteWalking around the main building you can feel that the place has a long history and that many prestigious alumni have been before you.Close quote

Harriet Drage - Earth Sciences

Harriet Drage

Open quoteThe UCL programme is a BSc unlike at most other universities which was one of the pivotal factors in my decision.Close quote

Alice Lawson - Economics

Alice Lawson

Open quoteAll my lecturers represent world-class level and are experts in their respective fields.Close quote

Jakub Szukalski - Economics and Business

Jakub Szukalski

Open quoteApart from UCL being one of the top universities in the world, one of the immediate attractions for me was the engaged and vibrant community.Close quote

Laura Santos - Engineering Science

Laura Santos

Open quoteThere is no better place to study English than in the heart of Bloomsbury, at a leading institution that thrives in the cultural buzz of London.Close quote

Camilla Hewens - English

Camilla Hewens

Open quoteThe year abroad is a given in any language degree, but UCL offers an extremely wide range of destinations across the world.Close quote

Adam Oldfield - European Languages, Culture and Society

Adam Oldfield

Open quoteYou can tell that the teacher is passionate about the material being taught.Close quote

Zeev Duckworth - European Languages, Culture and Society

Zeev Duckworth

Open quoteI chose UCL because of its London location, excellent international reputation and also because of the facilities relating to both my subjects.Close quote

Emma Greenlees - European Languages, Culture and Society

Emma Greenlees

Open quoteUCL's biggest asset is first and foremost its staff: they are the ones who make the whole experience.Close quote

Caroline Hagg - European Social and Political Studies

Caroline Hagg

Open quoteSlade supports your individuality and the lectures and tutors really push you to develop yourself as an artist.Close quote

Juntae Hwang - Fine Art

Juntae Hwang

Open quoteThe Central London location coupled with a campus feel, international reputation and social aspects of UCL all influenced my decision to come and I’ve not been disappointed!Close quote

Christopher Burt - Geography

Christopher Burt

Open quoteI wanted to come to UCL and, especially for this degree programme, because it represented for me the perfect combination of a big university and a personalized approach.Close quote

Edouard Harari - Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Edouard Harari

Open quoteLondon is undoubtedly one of the best cities to study the History of Art. The diversity in museums, galleries and art fairs is impressive and really complement my studies.Close quote

Azmina Abdulla - History of Art

Azmina Abdulla

Open quoteIt is rare that a programme offers this much freedom to students and that really attracted me as I am an independent person.Close quote

Andrei Ilie - Human Sciences

Andrei Ilie

Open quoteI chose to study Law because of its huge implication in our lives.Close quote

Keith Wong - Laws

Keith Wong

Open quoteI am excited about the doors that being a UCL graduate has opened for me.Close quote

Natasha Griffiths - Linguistics

Natasha Griffiths

Open quoteThe most invaluable part of the degree has to be the fourth-year consultancy project. We were able to choose a company to work with and were able to provide solutions to real-time business issues.Close quote

Srinidhi Soundararajan - Management Science and Innovation

Srinidhi Soundararajan

Open quoteI chose this programme because it seems to have a perfect combination of employability and academic preparation.Close quote

Congrong Fu - Mathematics

Congrong Fu

Open quoteThe theory we study is interesting, but it is when we get to apply the theory to something practical that the subject truly comes alive.Close quote

Douglas Stridsberg - Mechanical Engineering

Douglas Stridsberg

Open quoteThere is a lot of flexibility in determining the direction I want to take in my learning and this enables me to pursue my interests.Close quote

Joanne Ting - Medical Physics and Bioengineering

Joanne Ting

Open quoteI am so glad I chose UCL! I would not chose any other university if I had to apply again.Close quote

Carmen Camino Garcia - Medicine

Carmen Camino Garcia

Open quoteI enjoyed the community aspect that my programme offered, the many contact hours a week meant that I really got to know my fellow classmates.Close quote

Louise Yang - Natural Sciences

Louise Yang

Open quoteI knew that I wanted to enter a new and interdisciplinary field, working on challenging problems to answer some of the most fundamental questions in the universe.Close quote

Alessandro Galloni - Neuroscience

Alessandro Galloni

Open quoteThe lab technicians are helpful and they are always willing to explain what is happening during an experiment.Close quote

Io Ieong Chan - Pharmacology

Io Ieong Chan

Open quoteI enrolled here to become a Pharmacist but what the School provided me with was a whole other opportunity.Close quote

Amy Chow - Pharmacy

Amy Chow

Open quoteIt's an intellectually driving and challenging programme and profoundly interesting.Close quote

Ruby Dhal - Philosophy

Ruby Dhal

Open quoteI have enjoyed the interdisciplinary approach to studying the region practised at SSEES, as well as the ability to choose a vast range of courses in literature, languages, history, etc.Close quote

Natia Seskuria - Politics

Natia Seskuria

Open quoteThe organisation of the degree programme here is fantastic, and feedback is really taken seriously.Close quote

Bryony Insua-Summerhays - Psychology

Bryony Insua-Summerhays

Open quotePsychology has very modern research facilities and we have also had classes where we were lucky enough to be able to examine real human brains.Close quote

Chloe Bracegirdle - Psychology and Language Sciences

Chloe Bracegirdle

Open quoteThe privilege of being taught by experts in the field and reading their books in the same time only makes it more fascinating.Close quote

Yekaterina Litvak - Russian and East European History

Yekaterina Litvak

Open quoteI hope to complete an MA in either interpretation or translation, or both. Preferably I'll be working for the government in the future.Close quote

Helen Nguyen - Russian and East European Languages and Culture

Helen Nguyen

Open quoteUCL museums and collections have played a vital part in several of my courses - having access to the real thing is a lot cooler than a picture.Close quote

Phillip Bell - Science and Technology Studies

Phillip Bell

Open quoteIt's reassuring to know that there is a person that you can rely on to be able to help you make the most of your life at university, whether in academic terms or just generally.Close quote

Agata Zielinska - Social and Historical Sciences

Agata Zielinska

Open quoteLondon is definitely a fast-paced city providing numerous opportunities and being at a reputed university like UCL opens the door to a rich set of career opportunities.Close quote

Jemma Permalloo - Statistical Science

Jemma Permalloo

Open quoteI felt that by attending one of the oldest and most reputable planning departments in the world, I would significantly boost my career prospects.Close quote

Matthias Neill - Urban Planning and Urban Studies

Matthias Neill

Open quoteI like the way the urban studies programme looks at urban spaces, construction and society holistically and combines courses in design, real estate and social studies.Close quote

Robin Karlsen - Urban Planning and Urban Studies

Robin Karlsen