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Fees and funding

Funding support - UK/EU students

Learn about the different types of funding opportunities available to prospective students and the support UCL can give you during your studies.

Maintenance loans

If you are a student who is a UK national (or has resided in the UK for three years, other than for the purposes of full-time education, before beginning your university studies), you're able to apply to the Student Loans Company for a low-cost, income-assessed loan to cover your living expenses.

If you're studying in London and living away from home, the maximum loan will be 7,751. If you're studying in London and living at home, the maximum loan will be 4,418.

As with the Tuition Fee Loan, you will not have to repay your Maintenance Loan until you have left university and are earning over 21,000 per year. If you have both Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loans these will be repayable as a single loan. Repayments will be calculated at 9% of your income over the 21,000 threshold.

Higher Education Maintenance Grant

If you are a student from England, Wales or Northern Ireland you can apply for a means-tested, non-repayable Maintenance Grant. The value of this grant may depend on your funding authority. Students from households in England whose annual income is below 25,000 are eligible to receive the maximum grant of 3,387 per year. If the annual income of your household is between 25,001 and 42,620, a partial grant is available.

Special Support Grant

If you're a student from a lower income family with an underlying eligibility for means-tested benefits (for example, if you have certain disabilities), you may be eligible for the means-tested Special Support Grant of up to 3,387.