UCL-IoE merger

UCL and the Institute of Education merged on December 2, 2014. Learn about the study options available to you.

Study abroad


Currently around 25% of UCL’s undergraduates spend a period of time studying abroad

Tuition fees

We know that money can be a worrying topic for most students. So this section sets out clearly and simply what you need to pay for, when, and what support is available to you.

UCL’s annual tuition fee covers all elements of your tuition (except any field courses you might have to take), registration and examinations. However, optional courses taken elsewhere in the University of London may attract an additional fee. Fees for accommodation are charged separately.

How tuition fees are classified

The level of fee will depend upon whether you’re classed as a UK, EU, Overseas or Islands student. You may already know into which category you fall but this will be confirmed if you are offered a place at UCL.

For further details of the classification process, please read our tuition fee status procedure information.

Tuition fees for UK and EU students

UCL’s tuition fees for 2014 entry are set at £9,000 per year for UK and EU students for all undergraduate programmes. Tuition fees for 2015 entry may be higher.

Please note:

  • you are not required to pay up-front fees. You can apply to the Student Loans Company for a Tuition Fee Loan and your fees will be paid directly to UCL on your behalf
  • loan repayments are only made once you have left university and are earning over £21,000 per year. You pay back 9% of everything you earn above the £21,000 threshold; for example, a person with an income of £25,000 would pay back 9% of £4,000, that is £360 a year or £30 a month (figures correct at time of publication).
  • Student finance (Government website)

For 2014 entry, UCL’s tuition fees (per year) for overseas undergraduate students are:

  • £15,200 for most Arts, Humanities, Social Science-based and Law programmes
  • £16,200 for Mathematics and Statistics
  • £17,600 for Arts and Sciences
  • £20,100 for most Science and Engineering programmes but including Archaeology, Fine Art and Architecture
  • £29,900 for Medicine (£20,100 for intercalated BSc).

Tuition fees increase annually for all of UCL's students (with the exception of UK/EU undergraduates, whose fees are set by the UK Government). The fee you see listed is for your first year of study only (for those starting in 2014/15). You should budget for a 3-5% increase each year for every further year of study. UCL’s tuition fees for 2015 entry may be higher.

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