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Case studies

Julija Bainiaksinaite, Fourth Year, Engineering (Civil) MEng (previously Civil Engineering MEng)

I am developing and working on my start-up company FOXHUNT, creating bespoke knitwear for men.

Julija Bainiaksinaite

It takes up most of my free time, but I do not regret it because I am passionate about what I am working on. I believe that by being an entrepreneur you learn a lot and build your stamina at the same time.

I have been involved with UCL Advances for three years and they have helped me a lot.

First of all, they always give me business advice and support. Secondly, they are providing me with access to the ‘Hatchery’, where I can work on my business and meet with clients. Thirdly, in 2013 they launched the first ever UCL pop-up shop, ‘LaunchBox’, in Boxpark Shoreditch, where students were able to sell and showcase their products to the public.

This was a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to test their products and get feedback directly from consumers. I am very happy about the support I have received from UCL Advances; they have given me a tremendous amount of knowledge about entrepreneurship.

Michael Button, European Social and Political Studies BA (2013)

During the summer following the final year of my degree, I completed a ten-week internship, sponsored by UCL Advances, at a London-based SME (small to medium-sized enterprise).

Michael Button

UCL Advances not only organised the placement, but also matched the host company with my interests in social business and charity. One month into my internship, I accepted an offer to join Cause4 full-time as a graduate.

Being in a smaller enterprise has given me the chance to see the bigger picture and learn about a wide range of areas that are essential to how a business operates.

Not only has this been fantastic for my personal development, but I also I feel it has enhanced my overall awareness of entrepreneurship and career prospects. I cannot recommend UCL Advances enough and they have provided me with a great stepping stone into the world of work.