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UCAS Code Degree Title (click for details) Qualification Duration
D Back to top
R911 Dutch BA 4 years
E Back to top
F604 Earth Sciences MSci 4 years
F603 Earth Sciences BSc 3 years
F605 Earth Sciences (International Programme) MSci 4 years
L100 Economics BSc (Econ) 3 years
L1R7 Economics and Business with East European Studies BA 3 years
L1RR Economics and Business with East European Studies with a Year Abroad BA 4 years
LL17 Economics and Geography BSc (Econ) 3 years
LG13 Economics and Statistics BSc (Econ) 3 years
L101 Economics with a Year Abroad BSc (Econ) 4 years
F424 Egyptian Archaeology BA 3 years
H813 Engineering (Biochemical) MEng 4 years
H811 Engineering (Biochemical) BEng 3 years
H160 Engineering (Biomedical) MEng 4 years
HC60 Engineering (Biomedical) BEng 3 years
H801 Engineering (Chemical) MEng 4 years
H800 Engineering (Chemical) BEng 3 years
H202 Engineering (Civil) MEng 4 years
H200 Engineering (Civil) BEng 3 years
H601 Engineering (Electronic and Electrical) MEng 4 years
H600 Engineering (Electronic and Electrical) BEng 3 years
H224 Engineering (Environmental) MEng 4 years
H220 Engineering (Environmental) BEng 3 years
H1NH Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance) MEng 4 years
H1N3 Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance) BEng 3 years
H301 Engineering (Mechanical) MEng 4 years
H300 Engineering (Mechanical) BEng 3 years
Q300 English BA 3 years
M146 English and German Law LLB and Baccalaureus Legum 4 years
F810 Environmental Geography BSc 3 years
F645 Environmental Geoscience MSci 4 years
F644 Environmental Geoscience BSc 3 years
R990 European Social and Political Studies BA 4 years
R992 European Social and Political Studies: Dual Degree BA 4 years
F Back to top
W100 Fine Art BA 4 years
W101 Fine Art BFA 3 years
RR67 Finnish and East European Studies BA 4 years
R100 French BA 4 years
RT19 French and an Asian or African Language BA 4 years
G Back to top
L700 Geography BA 3 years
F800 Geography BSc 3 years
L701 Geography (International Programme) BA 4 years
F801 Geography (International Programme) BSc 4 years
F601 Geology MSci 4 years
F600 Geology BSc 3 years
F663 Geophysics MSci 4 years
F660 Geophysics BSc 3 years
R200 German BA 4 years
RV21 German and History BA 4 years
Q7Q6 Greek with Latin BA 3 years
QRQ6 Greek with Latin with Study Abroad BA 4 years
J Back to top
V290 Jewish History BA 4 years
Q481 Jewish Studies BA 3 years
L Back to top
R991 Language and Culture BA 4 years
Q6Q7 Latin with Greek BA 3 years
QPQ7 Latin with Greek with Study Abroad BA 4 years
M100 Law LLB 3 years
M141 Law with French Law LLB 4 years
M142 Law with German Law LLB 4 years
M144 Law with Hispanic Law LLB 4 years
Q100 Linguistics BA 3 years
Q101 Linguistics (International Programme) BA 4 years
N Back to top
FGC0 Natural Sciences MSci 4 years
CFG0 Natural Sciences BSc 3 years
B141 Neuroscience MSci 4 years
B140 Neuroscience BSc 3 years
T Back to top
F345 Theoretical Physics MSci 4 years
F340 Theoretical Physics BSc 3 years

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