Undergraduate prospectus



Selection of students

UCL was founded to open up education in England for the first time to students of any class or religion - a commitment that's as strong today as it was in the beginning.

Selection of students

We strive to admit the academically brightest students to UCL, regardless of background. We are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic and passionate about learning and who wish to take advantage of every opportunity that UCL will offer them and gain the most from their years of study.

Considering your application

The way we consider your application is through a clear, step by step process.

  • On receipt of your application at UCAS, you will receive an acknowledgement from UCAS and, subsequently, an acknowledgement from UCL. Your acknowledgement from UCAS will include your UCAS personal identity number. Please quote this in all correspondence with UCAS or UCL
  • Following initial checking of your application to ensure you meet the essential academic requirements of UCL and the programme for which you have applied, your application will be forwarded to the relevant Admissions Selector for consideration
  • Your application will be assessed on the basis of your personal statement and your referee's report as well as on your past and predicted academic performance. Our Admissions Selectors are trying to assess qualities such as your academic potential, your motivation for studying your chosen degree, as well as core skills that are required for the programme.

Applicant open days and selection events

If you're a UK-based applicant who is being actively considered for a place at UCL, you will be invited to attend an applicant open day and/or selection event.

Our open days and selection events are very much intended as a two-way process. Though we want to get to meet you, know you better and make a serious, considered judgement of your application, our open days are also a great opportunity for you to get to know us and ask questions.

Our aim is to give you a feel for what UCL is like as an institution and what it might be like studying here. Our open days will vary depending on the programme you have applied for, as follows:

  • you will normally attend a talk about the subject and UCL, be given a tour of the campus and have an opportunity to speak with both members of academic staff and current students;
  • some departments might ask you to participate in group tasks and selection activities or attend an interview during the open day;
  • for some degrees, such as Fine Art and Architecture, the portfolio of work you are asked to bring is vital to the consideration of your application;
  • other departments may ask you to take certain tests and exercises during the day, such as writing a short essay;
  • Some departments will make you an offer conditional upon you attending a compulsory open day. Full details of any event you are invited to will be sent to you in good time, with your invitation to attend.

Note: if you are an overseas resident or would have a difficult journey to get to UCL, you would usually be exempt from an interview or compulsory open day. All the same, we strongly encourage you to visit UCL before making a decision on which universities to apply to.

Letting you know

As soon as a decision on your application has been reached, it will be sent to you through UCAS. If you are offered a place, we will also write directly to you. As some of our programmes attract large numbers of applications, it may be some time before you receive a decision.

Appeals and complaints procedure

Decisions on the admission of applicants are final and there is normally no right of appeal against such decisions.

We will only consider a complaint relating to an applicant for admission if there is substantive evidence of irregularity in the procedure under which the application has been processed.

In the first instance, any complaint concerning applications should be addressed to the Faculty Tutor of the faculty concerned. If the complaint is against the Faculty Tutor, it should be addressed to the Director of Access and Admissions.