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Anthropology 'I've had an excellent experience at UCL Anthropology and hope to be back next year for more.' Liz Fox (Anthropology BSc, Third Year)
Archaeology 'My time at UCL has been hands-down the best of my life, I am hoping to extend my time here as long as possible with graduate studies! ' Daniella Afeltra (Archaeology BSc, Third Year)
Architecture 'The technology at the Bartlett is the envy of most architecture schools in the UK.' Carina Tran (Architecture BSc, Third Year)
Arts and Sciences 'The enthusiasm of the teachers I met on the Open Day was a deciding factor in picking this course – they seemed just as excited about it as I did!' Juliette Devillard (Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad BASc, First Year)
Biochemical Engineering and Bioprocessing 'The department is often visited by professionals in the biopharmaceutical engineering sphere – the opportunities for networking are extensive.' Martina Sebastian (Biochemical Engineering MEng [now Engineering (Biochemical) MEng], Third Year)
Biochemistry and Biotechnology 'I had the opportunity to come to one of UCL's Open Days and immediately felt I would enjoy studying here. I'm very proud of studying at UCL!' Laura Mariotti (Biochemistry BSc, Third Year)
Biochemistry and Biotechnology 'UCL was my first choice because I wanted to go to university in London as there are so many opportunities and UCL is one of London's, and the world's, top universities.' Claire Hall (Biochemistry BSc, Third Year)
Biological Sciences 'Being lectured to by some of the world's leading biologists such as Professor Steve Jones and Dr Nick Lane has been amazing.' StJohn Townsend (Genetics (International Programme) MSci, Second Year)
Biomedical Sciences 'UCL is a world leader in biomedical research and has a fantastic reputation for its Biomedical Sciences degree programme.' Peter Minnis (Biomedical Sciences BSc, Third Year)
Chemical Engineering 'I decided to come to UCL because the department has an excellent reputation and fantastic research ratings.' Sa’ood Bashir (Chemical Engineering MEng [now Engineering (Chemical) MEng], Fourth Year)
Chemistry 'I chose UCL for the friendly, approachable attitude of the staff and students alike.' Felicity Gossan (Chemistry MSci, Fourth Year)
Civil and Environmental Engineering 'UCL is a great place to learn more about the stuff you’re interested in with a great bunch of people.' Ariardi Choo (Civil Engineering MEng [now Engineering (Civil) MEng], Fourth Year)
Civil and Environmental Engineering 'I'm part of the UCLU Elite Athletes programme – my most recent achievement is making the semi-finals of the Olympic swimming trials!' Oliver Wilson (Civil Engineering BEng [now Engineering (Civil) BEng], Second Year)
Classical World 'Classics is a degree which doesn't force you down a specific route (as do medicine or engineering, for example), and so I have a lot of doors open to me.' Chris Donnan (Classics with Study Abroad BA, Third Year)
Computer Science 'With a degree from UCL you can do anything.' Alexander Emms (Computer Science BSc, First Year)
Earth Sciences 'The department places great importance on the number of field work hours, with three or four field trips in your first year!' George Corbin (Geology MSci, Third Year)
Economics 'UCL not only offers education of the highest quality, but also offers a unique opportunity to make friends from all over the world, try new things and live in one of the world's top cities.' Jack Blundell (Economics BSc, Second Year)
Economics and Business 'I chose to come to UCL due to its global reputation and high standards of teaching.' Aleksei Leshkov (Economics and Business with East European Studies BA, Third Year)
Electronic and Electrical Engineering 'Top universities like UCL mean a good investment in research and facilities and contact with leaders in the field.' Diederik Moeys (Electronic and Electrical Engineering (International Programme) MEng [now Engineering (Electronic – International Programme) MEng], Fourth Year)
English 'I'm loving my second year as most of my modules are optional, so I get to study works and authors that I'm really interested in.' Vanessa Thompsett (English BA, Second Year)
European Languages, Culture and Society 'I saw my degree as a fantastic possibility to combine some of the things I enjoy: Swedish language and culture, my passion for film, and London, one of the most exciting places in the world. ' Ville-Matti Kervinen (Language and Culture (Swedish with Film Studies) BA, Third Year)
European Languages, Culture and Society 'My degree has allowed me to develop skills in academic research, giving presentations, and advanced textual analysis – all skills which attract employers. ' George Morgan (Modern Languages (German and Russian) BA, Third Year)
European Languages, Culture and Society 'I've just returned from my year abroad, during which I spent four months in Montpellier, in the south of France, and St Petersburg in Russia.' Helen Swire (Modern Languages (French and Russian) BA, Fourth Year)
European Languages, Culture and Society 'I chose UCL because of its London location, excellent international reputation and also because of the facilities relating to both my subjects.' Emma Greenlees (Modern Language Plus (French and History of Art) BA, Second Year)
European Languages, Culture and Society 'It's such a unique opportunity to have your studies funded for a year in a country you're devoting your life to at that time.' Anna Reeves (Dutch BA, Fourth Year)
European Languages, Culture and Society 'I felt very well integrated in UCL's student community as an international student and will always feel very lucky and grateful that I chose to study at UCL.' James Xu (Italian and Management Studies BA, Fourth Year)
European Social and Political Studies 'Being an international student myself, I was conscious of choosing a university where I knew I could settle in quite fast.' Sarah de Morant (European Social and Political Studies BA, Fourth Year)
European Social and Political Studies 'The UCL Careers Service is wonderful and we have an adviser assigned to our department who specialises in finding jobs for graduates on my programe.' Caroline Hagg (European Social and Political Studies BA, Third Year)
European Social and Political Studies 'The scholarship really is a great boost of confidence and makes you want to benefit 100% from the opportunity that is given to you' Maja Lukomska (European Social and Political Studies BA, Second Year)
Fine Art 'The Slade was the only place I wanted to apply to. The facilities, location, tutors and alumni were all superlative over competing art schools.' Jessica Ciantar (Fine Art BA, Fourth Year)
Geography 'UCL was perfect for me both academically and geographically. It's fantastic to be so integrated into the city.' Emilie Tant (Geography BA, Third Year)
Hebrew and Jewish Studies 'The lecturers in the UCL Hebrew and Jewish Studies Department are true experts in their fields.' Jemima Loveys (Hebrew and Jewish Studies BA, Fourth Year)
History 'UCL is a great place to study, to meet friends and do things you're proud of. I can't think of a better place to do my degree.' Joe Mason (History BA, Second Year)
History ' I chose UCL because it is in the heart of London. The facilities are fantastic and you're in the middle of the best city in the world.' Joe Mason (History BA, Second Year)
History of Art 'What initially attracted me to UCL and its prime location has never ceased to amaze me.' Sophia Zhou (History of Art BA, Third Year)
History of Art 'My studies have benefited immensely from free access to some of the best museums and galleries in the world.' Cherish Rufaro Mutambara (History of Art BA, Third Year)
Human Sciences 'As Senior Mentor for my programme I meet Human Sciences students from all year groups and make sure they are enjoying their UCL life!' Emily Fisher (Human Sciences BSc, Third Year)
Human Sciences 'I knew that I wanted to study at UCL from the first time I stepped into the Main Quad and experienced its exciting and cosmopolitan atmosphere.' Laura Davies (Human Sciences BSc, Third Year)
Human Sciences 'As Senior Mentor for my programme I meet Human Sciences students from all year groups and make sure they are enjoying their UCL life!' Emily Fisher (Human Sciences BSc, Third Year)
Law 'The UCL Law Faculty is amazing: the teaching is done by some of the best legal minds in the world.' Janani Paramsothy (Law LLB, Third Year)
Law 'I spent the third year of my degree studying at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. It was a year that I will never forget.' Hannah Lawrence (Law with Another Legal System (Australia) LLB, Fourth Year)
Linguistics 'Studying at UCL is an extraordinary opportunity, and the Linguistics department has an excellent worldwide reputation.' Marie Boulanger (Linguistics (International Programme) BA, First Year)
Mathematics 'The teaching staff are extremely friendly and always willing to help which makes me feel really comfortable at UCL.' Atiqa Sheikh (Mathematics MSci, Fourth Year)
Mathematics 'A degree in Mathematics allows you to keep your career options open until you really know what it is you want to do in the future.' Mobeen Iqbal (Mathematics BSc, Third Year)
Mechanical Engineering 'The degree offered by UCL was diverse and interesting.' Joe Fang (Engineering with Business Finance MEng [now Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance) MEng], Third Year)
Medical Physics 'London has everything you can think of to offer students.' Marta Caballero (Medical Physics MSci, Fourth Year)
Medicine 'After my degree I hope to complete my foundation years as a junior doctor in a UCL hospital which I know will prepare me for whatever specialty I choose.' Howell Jones (Medicine MBBS, Fifth Year)
Medicine 'Living in Schafer House in my first year was a truly great experience.' Boris Tocco (Medicine MBBS BSc, Sixth Year)
Natural Sciences 'UCL was and still is one of the most prestigious and respected universities not only in the UK, but also all around the world.' Sharan Timbadia (Natural Sciences MSci, Second Year)
Natural Sciences 'UCL's prime location in the heart of London means that it is unequalled when considering culture, nearby institutions and academics.' Louise Yang (Natural Sciences MSci, Second Year)
Neuroscience 'The level of expertise and research in Neuroscience at UCL is phenomenal.' Liam O’Leary (Neuroscience BSc, Second Year)
Pharmacology 'UCL’s pharmacology programme has an outstanding reputation and always ranks highly in league tables.' Ross Goodson (Pharmacology BSc, Third Year)
Pharmacy 'The programme offered by the UCL School of Pharmacy is renowned as one of the best in the world.' Ngoc Phuong Lan Le (Pharmacy MPharm, Fourth Year)
Philosophy 'I came to UCL because it has a highly reputable Philosophy department and the staff were very friendly to me on open days and receptive to my questions.' Michelle Tang (Philosophy BA, Second Year)
Physics and Astrophysics 'I chose UCL because it has a very high reputation and so I could live in London. It's a great city, like no other in the UK.' Katie Adams (Astrophysics BSc, Third Year)
Psychology 'One of the most exciting aspects of studying Psychology at UCL is the great number of lectures given by leaders in the field.' Stella Spanos (Psychology BSc, Second Year)
Russian and East European History 'UCL is glamorous and it's known all around the world.' Sami Koskelainen (History BA, First Year)
Russian and East European Languages and Culture 'I preferred UCL to Oxford as I have confidence in the excellent legacy of SSEES.' Charlotte Wilkinson (Russian Studies BA, Third Year)
Science and Technology Studies 'UCL is a great university with a fantastic reputation.' Eleanor Blackwell (History and Philosophy of Science BSc, Second Year)
Science and Technology Studies 'UCL has the biggest entrepreneur incentive programme in England.' Anish Vinayak (History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science BSc, Third Year)
Statistical Science 'UCL's very diverse combination of subjects, its central London location and high rankings in league tables made it an obvious choice for me!' Chao Xiang Chong (Economics and Statistics BSc (Econ), Third Year)
Statistical Science 'UCL is definitely an institution that believes in enrolling those who are intellectually deserving!' Jemma Permalloo (Statistics, Economics and Finance BSc, First Year)
Urban Planning and Urban Studies 'Frequent site visits to the developments that are going around in London provide great first-hand learning opportunities outside of the classroom.' Heeseo Kwon (Urban Planning, Design and Management BSc, Third Year)