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The Bartlett School of Planning at UCL is one of the world's premier schools of planning, offering unique opportunities for affiliate students to attend modules in urban studies, urban planning, urban design, real estate and urban regeneration.

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Why study Planning at UCL?

Our modules place considerable emphasis on project work, drawing extensively from the wealth of urban issues in London and the challenges it confronts as a world city, and from the expertise of its internationally renowned staff and extensive research portfolio.

What you will gain from study at UCL

Our modules are designed to equip you with relevant theories, methodologies, skills and techniques taken from the social science and design disciplines, enabling you to develop a capacity for creative thinking. The school's strong research track record and links to professional practice feed into our teaching.

Teaching and assessment

Teaching is conducted through a variety of methods, including lectures, tutorials and project work. Assessment is mainly by essays, project work, coursework and presentations. Some modules include end-of-year examinations, although alternative assessment is available for those studying here in the Fall Term only.

Modules in Planning

Please note that this guide lists a wide range of popular module options, but it is not exhaustive and some modules may have changed or no longer be available. If you have a particular interest or academic requirement you are advised to cross reference the listing in the online Study Abroad Guide with that on the relevant departmental pages, and to contact the department to make sure that an appropriate module is available.

Please note that many of these modules are only available to students admitted directly to the Bartlett School of Planning. Further information can be found on the departmental website.

Level 1 modules

Module code Title US credits ECTS credits CU credits
ENVS1014 Introducing Planning Systems 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS1015 Planning History and Thought 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS1016 Contemporary Cities 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS1017 Urban Lab I: Graphic Skills 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS1023 Management for Built Environment Professionals I 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS1030 Introduction to Real Estate 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS1031 Beyond Cities: Rural Economies, Communities and Landscapes 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)

Level 2 modules

Module code Title US credits ECTS credits CU credits
ENVS2005 Urban Lab II: Spatial Analysis 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS2006 Urban Design: Theory to Practice 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS2007 Green Futures 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS2009 Economics of Cities and their Regions 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS2010 Strategic Planning Project 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS2036 Urban Form and Formation 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS2039 Management for Built Environment Professionals II 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS2044 Real Estate Economics 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)

Level 3 modules

Module code Title US credits ECTS credits CU credits
ENVS3014 Development Project: Regeneration 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS3015 Real Estate Development 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS3016 Urban Design: Space and Place 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS3018 Urban Project Management 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS3029 Transport Policy and Planning 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS3036 Property and Planning Law 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS3037 Real Estate Valuation 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS3038 Real Estate Investment and Finance 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS3044 Cities and Social Change 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ENVS3045 Real Estate Management 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)

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Dr Claire Colomb
+44 (0)20 3108 9569
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