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The UCL School of Management is focused on creating disruptive research and entrepreneurial leaders for the complex, interconnected world of the future. The school offers modules on a variety of management subjects including finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, strategy, operations, innovation and general management.

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Why study Management at UCL?

UCL's location in the heart of London provides easy access to the financial and other businesses of the City of London. Many of our students go on to take up positions in globally known firms which have their base in London. Our central location also allows you to attend lectures provided by guest speakers from diverse industries and professions.

What you will gain from study at UCL

Studying with us will give you a unique experience in one of the world's business capitals. Modules provided by award-winning lecturers and exposure to an international educational environment provide the knowledge and tools you need to excel in, and lead, the industries of the future.

Teaching and assessment

Most modules consist of weekly lectures and seminars in which students are encouraged to participate in class discussions and other activities. Assessment includes presentations, written reports, group work and written end-of-year examinations; all students must be available to take examinations in April/May.

Modules in Management

Please note that this guide lists a wide range of popular module options, but it is not exhaustive and some modules may have changed or no longer be available. If you have a particular interest or academic requirement you are advised to cross reference the listing in the online Study Abroad Guide with that on the relevant departmental pages, and to contact the department to make sure that an appropriate module is available.

Please note: Fall Term modules are only available for students studying for the full year.

Level 1 modules

Module code Title US credits ECTS credits CU credits
MSIN1002 Communication and Behaviour in Organisations 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN6001 Understanding Management 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)

Level 2 modules

Module code Title US credits ECTS credits CU credits
MSIN7002B Business in a Competitive Environment 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN7003 Organisational Change 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN7004 Business in the Digital Age 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN7005 Law for Managers 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN7009 Introduction to Marketing 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN7014 Strategic Human Resource Management 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN7016 Managerial Accounting for Decision Making 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)

Level 3 modules

Module code Title US credits ECTS credits CU credits
MSIN3002 Marketing Communications 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN3004 Mergers and Valuation 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN3006 Digital Marketing 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN3014 Strategic Management of Intellectual Property 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN3017 Corporate Financial Strategy 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN3101 Strategic Project Management 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN3G07 Entrepreneurial Finance 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN3G23 Financial Management 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN7007 Mastering Entrepreneurship 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN7008 Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN7011 International Strategy 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN7013 Innovation Management 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN7017 Global Entrepreneurship 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
MSIN7019 Technology-Driven Business Innovation 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)

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Simon Stanier
+44 (0)20 3108 1001
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