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UCL Anthropology is a top-rated multi-field department offering a wide range of modules in socio-cultural anthropology, material culture, physical/biological anthropology, digital anthropology, medical anthropology, visual anthropology, and ethnographic film. Staff are engaged in cutting-edge research that is used to support our teaching. Our active anthropology student association organises a range of social events including outings and film screenings.

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Why study Anthropology at UCL?

The rich offerings of London augment our anthropology teaching. The department not only has its own material culture collections, but has close connections with the British Museum, Natural History Museum, UCL Institute of Archaeology, the British Library and many other London resources. A new digital film laboratory complements the growing sub-field of ethnographic film offerings in the department.

What you will gain from study at UCL

Through studying anthropology you will be immediately integrated into the student culture. All modules are taken with British students, and the wide range of extracurricular activities are open to all students.

Teaching and assessment

Teaching can be by lecture, laboratory sessions, or small seminars. Modules are examined by a variety of methods, including research papers ('essays'), laboratory work, and examinations (in May). Students coming for the Fall Term only are examined/assessed in December.

Modules in Anthropology

Please note that this guide lists a wide range of popular module options, but it is not exhaustive and some modules may have changed or no longer be available. If you have a particular interest or academic requirement you are advised to cross reference the listing in the online Study Abroad Guide with that on the relevant departmental pages, and to contact the department to make sure that an appropriate module is available.

Module availability changes from year to year and Anthropology modules may be removed from this list. Module options for the 2018/19 academic year will be confirmed in March 2018, and may differ from those on offer in 2017/18.

Level 1 modules

Module code Title US credits ECTS credits CU credits
ANTH1001 Introduction to Material and Visual Culture 4/8 (US) 7.5/15 (ECTS) 0.5/1 (CU)
ANTH1005 Introduction to Social Anthropology 4/8 (US) 7.5/15 (ECTS) 0.5/1 (CU)

Level 2 modules

Module code Title US credits ECTS credits CU credits
ANTH2003A Palaeoanthropology A 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH2006A Theoretical Perspectives in Social Anthropology and Material Culture A 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH2009 Anthropology of the Body 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3007A Medical Anthropology A 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3020 Social Construction of Landscapes 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3037 Anthropology and Photography 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3052 Primate Evolution and Environments 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3060 Anthropologies of Islam 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7002 Political Anthropology 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7003 Anthropological Approaches to Eurasian Socialist and Post-Socialist Societies 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7009A Primate Behaviour and Ecology A 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7013 Anthropology of the Built Environment 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7018 Human Behavioural Ecology 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7020 Anthropologies of Science, Society and Biomedicine 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7021 Mass Consumption and Design 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7022A Human Brain, Cognition and Language A 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7023 Ethnography of Forest People 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7024 From Analog to Digital: Anthropological Knowledge in the Museum 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7027 Anthropology of India 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7028 Linguistic Anthropology 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7029 Digital Infrastructure: Materiality, Information and Politics 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7030 Art in the Public Sphere 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7031 Current Themes in Social Anthropology: The Anthropology of War 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH7035 Aspects of Applied Medical Anthropology 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)

Level 3 modules

Module code Title US credits ECTS credits CU credits
ANTH3001 Advanced Topics in Digital Culture 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3003 Evolution of Human Cumulative Culture 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3006 The Anthropology of Social Media 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3017 Anthropology and Psychiatry 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3049 Reproduction, Fertility and Sex 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3050 Evolution and Human Behaviour 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3053 Temporality, Consciousness and Everyday Life 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3055 Transforming and Creating Worlds: Anthropological Perspectives on Techniques and Technology 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3057 Ritual Healing and Therapeutic Emplotment 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3058 Ethnographical and Documentary Film Making: A Practice-Based Introduction 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)
ANTH3059 Anthropology of Ethics and Morality 4 (US) 7.5 (ECTS) 0.5 (CU)

Contact details

Dr Ruth Mandel
+44 (0)20 7679 8646
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