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Support and welfare

At UCL we appreciate that in order to focus on your studies, you need to be free from worries and concerns about other aspects of life. While you may never need to call on the full range of welfare support services UCL offers, it can be reassuring to know that help and advice is available if you need it.


Every subject area has a Study Abroad (Affiliate) Tutor with overall responsibility for the organisation of teaching and for the wellbeing of its students. This tutor is available to provide academic guidance, and offer you help and support on practical and personal matters.

Student Centre

As a study abroad student, help and guidance is available to you on a range of issues including immigration, finance, transcripts and fees. The Student Centre is also responsible for the International Students’ Orientation Programme.

Health, counselling and disability services

Health Centre

UCL’s Health Centre, on the Bloomsbury campus, houses an NHS General Practice providing services for treating illness and maintaining health. A dental practice is also located in the Health Centre. If you are studying at UCL for more than six months you may register as an NHS patient (which essentially means being able to receive a consultation without charge). If you are staying for a shorter time you can still access the service, but on a private basis; and so will need to have adequate medical insurance.

UCL Student Psychological Services

UCL Student Psychological Services offers a confidential and supportive service to all students. In addition to one-to-one advice the service also runs workshops on matters such as stress management. Further information can be obtained at

UCL Student Diability Services

If you are disabled or have a long-term medical condition, you can find out more about the support services available at or by contacting UCL Student Disability Services (EMAIL disability [at] Treatments and medication available in the UK may differ from those in your home country so it is important to consider how to manage any existing conditions. Seek confidential advice from UCL early on. Pre-application enquiries are always welcome.

UCL Students' Union (UCLU)

In addition to providing an extensive range of social and sporting facilities (see page 20), the Union also runs a Rights and Advice Centre staffed by professional advisers and a JobShop to support those seeking part-time employment (see page 153 for regulations on employment).

More information can be found at


As a study abroad student at UCL you may use UCL Careers throughout your studies. UCL Careers runs an extensive range of employer-led events, including Skills Development Workshops, Presentations and Forums and large Careers Fairs. To find out more, and discover how you can make the most of the skills you will develop by studying at UCL, please see

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