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Leisure and social activities

In between your studies you will, of course, find time for a little recreation. UCL has a policy of keeping Wednesday afternoons free of teaching, so every student has the opportunity to engage in some sort of cultural, sporting or voluntary activity.

The Bloomsbury Theatre

The Bloomsbury Theatre is a professionally equipped theatre located on campus. It is reserved for student performances for 12 weeks each year. The remainder of the year it hosts professional performances – often focusing on innovative and contemporary productions – including stand-up comedy, drama, dance and music.

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UCL Students' Union (UCLU)

The Union, run by elected student officers, provides a focus for student activity and a voice for student views. In addition to providing the facilities described below, the Union also supports around 180 clubs and societies (about 60 of which are sports clubs), which are run by the students themselves. The Union’s ‘Give it a Go’ Programme allows you to try out a range of activities with like-minded students. Do as much or as little as you like; there’s no need to join anything and you don’t need any experience to take part. Full details of the individual clubs and societies and other Union activities can be found on the above website.

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Volunteering provides a good way both to make a difference to the local community and to find out more about London. Whether you’re an experienced volunteer, or have never thought about it before, your time at UCL provides the perfect opportunity to get involved. Lots of one-off events are organised for those who can’t make a regular commitment but still want to take part. If you are a visa national you will need to hold a full student visa to be able to volunteer.

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Sports and exercise

Taking exercise helps you maintain your physical health and wellbeing, but it can also provide an enjoyable and essential break from your studies and, in teams and classes, a chance to make new friends and socialise. At UCL we provide high-quality facilities and opportunities for everyone to get active, whether you are a competitive player of team sports, or simply interested in yoga classes to aid relaxation and suppleness. A number of different venues cater for a huge range of activities, from personal fitness routines at the Bloomsbury Fitness Centre to competitive fixtures for team sports held at UCL’s outdoor pitches in Shenley, Hertfordshire.

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Relaxation and socialising

Of course, you will at some point want to chat with classmates over lunch, drink coffee while catching up by email with friends at home, or go clubbing to celebrate meeting an essay deadline. Cafés, bars, restaurants and shops can be found in good supply in and around UCL.

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