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Training Bursary FAQs

This page aims to answer the most common questions relating to the PGCE Secondary and Primary programmes. 

Am I entitled to a training bursary?

The training bursary is paid to UK and EU students who meet the nationality and residency criteria. You must be eligible for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance in order to be eligible for the bursary. You cannot already hold QTS. Overseas students are not eligible for a bursary.

How do I apply for a bursary?

The training bursary is awarded based on the classification of your first degree or highest relevant academic qualification and the subject you choose to teach. If a trainee is accepted onto an ITT course that attracts a bursary they will automatically qualify and will not need to apply separately.

When will I hear that I have a bursary?

UCL Student Funding will contact trainees from July to inform them of the bursary and with instructions on how to claim your bursary.  If you have not heard by the end of July, and think you are eligible, please email us. Please note that bursaries will not be allocated until you have provided proof of your qualifications to UCL Admissions.

Is the bursary guaranteed if I meet the eligibility requirements?

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you will be awarded a bursary.

How is the bursary/scholarship paid?

Payments are made directly into your UK bank account. Students must be fully enrolled, sign the terms and conditions  and register their bank information on their UCL Portico account as soon as they can otherwise no payment will be made. You do this by going to My Money" and then "View / update your bank details" and NEXT. Select "studentship stipends" and NEXT Add your bank details and click on VALIDATE. Once you have done that, you will be asked to enter a password that you can use to access your bank details in future.

When is the bursary/scholarship paid?

Payments are made into your bank account in 10 monthly instalments from October until July for full-time students or 20 instalments over two years for part-time students.

Payments are made by the 5th of each month.

The payment is for the previous month’s study, but students must complete the full month and still be in attendance on the 5th of the month to be eligible to receive the payment.

Can I use my training bursary to pay my fees?

No. The bursary is for living costs not for fees. The bursary is only paid to trainees who are fully enrolled with UCL. To be fully enrolled you must have made arrangements for the tuition fees to be paid prior to receiving the first bursary instalment either by applying for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England or by paying the first third of the fees. If you are not fully enrolled and have not paid the required fees by the UCL deadlines, your bursary will not be released to you.

The bursary is intended to support you with your living costs while you are undertaking your teacher training. For example, the bursary can be used to meet your travel costs while on placement, to purchase a laptop or towards rent etc.

What happens to the bursary if I interrupt or withdraw from the programme?

If you interrupt or withdraw from your course, bursary payments will be suspended. Trainees who withdraw or interrupt from a course are entitled to be paid the bursary for each month up to and including the month they withdraw. Please note that trainees are only entitled to receive a bursary payment for the month they withdraw if they were still on the course at the time the payment was scheduled to be paid (normally the 5th of each month).  Please note if you were on you course at 1st January then you will still be eligible to receive the February additional payment.

What happens if I interrupt from the programme?

If you interrupt your course, bursary payments will be suspended. If you re-join at a later date, you will receive the remaining bursary amount applicable in the year that you started the course. Any bursary payments that you have already received will not be paid again. Please note if you were overpaid for months that you were actually on interruption, then you will be required to pay back that funding. 

What happens if I receive a bursary instalment after I withdraw or interrupt?

Bursary trainees must agree that they comply with the terms and conditions of the bursary scheme. This includes promptly informing UCL of their intention to withdraw/interrupt and returning any overpayments to UCL. An overpayment will be any instalment which was paid to you after your official last day of attendance as registered on your UCL record.

Students must contact the Student Funding Office as soon as they submit the interruption/withdrawal paperwork as it make take some time for Student Records to officially process the request.

What if my qualifications are not from the UK?

Trainees with a degree from outside the UK should refer to the overseas equivalency table to see if their degree is likely to attract a bursary. If your country is not listed on the table, you will need to apply for a Statement of Comparability from the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC) which shows equivalency to UK qualifications, and a copy needs to be emailed to the UCL Student Funding Office. Without this statement, UCL cannot assess your bursary award.

What if I have already got qualified teacher status?

If you already have QTS or are eligible to receive QTS and are doing PGCE Primary or Secondary, then this means you are not eligible for a bursary.

If you have QTS or QTLS or are eligible to receive QTS or QTLS and are doing PGCE Post Compulsory, then this means you are not eligible for a bursary.

If you have QTLS or are eligible to receive QTLS and are doing PGCE Primary or Secondary then you would still be eligible to receive a bursary.

If you have EYTS and are doing an Early Years Teacher Training Programme then you will not be eligible for the bursary or course grant.

If you have EYTS and are doing PGCE Primary, Secondary or Post Compulsory then you will be eligible for the bursary. 

I hold a teaching qualification from overseas - how do I get QTS?

Qualified teachers from an EEA member state or outside the EEA can receive QTS following application to NCTL in England. Teachers who qualified in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA can also apply to NCTL to be awarded QTS.

Is there any other funding available?

If you do not meet the criteria for a training bursary, you can apply for a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan from Student Finance. For more information and to check eligibility criteria please see Student Finance

What if my question is not answered here?

You can contact the Student Funding Office at:

T: +44 (0)20 3108 7351

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*NOTE: All scholarship and student funding schemes are subject to availability of funds, and details given here are subject to change at any time. Potential applicants are urged to check information regularly to ensure they are aware of current procedures, deadlines etc.

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