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The Prospective Students section of the UCL website contains the core information sought by prospective students who are considering to which institution they should apply. This information includes:

The Prospective Students site is the first point-of-contact with UCL for most prospective student enquirers. It acts as a one-stop-shop for all preliminary enquiries about degree programmes and facilities offered at UCL.

The core content of the site is drawn from the printed versions of the Undergraduate and Graduate Prospectuses however the website provides more scope to provide additional, detailed information about degree programmes. All content appearing on the site is fully audited to ensure accuracy, consistency and relevance. The content is updated regularly. Online prospectus information is normally kept consistent with printed information except where the influence of change, such as in governmental policy, mean that the audience would be better served by revised information.

Further detailed enquiries about degrees are diverted towards departmental websites and links are provided to these from each degree programme page.

Enquiries about the Prospective Students website should be addressed to Ian Bartlett,, ext. 37106.

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