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A number of developments are in progress with the joint aims of speeding up production of the Prospective Students website and improving the consistency and accuracy of information presented there and in print. These developments are tied in with the development of the SITS/UCL Portico databases and should also allow much more information to be presented to prospective students.

The primary project is that of parallel publishing.  It is intended to connect the content of desktop publishing files to SITS data tables via an odbc connection. This would allow the printed text to be written to and exported from the SITS tables.  The SITS tables can also be connected to the web allowing a single source of data to be used for print and web with obvious savings in time for website production and collation of information.

This project is currently being piloted with the UCL Study Abroad Guide. Departmental and module data in the 2008 entry web version of the Study Abroad Guide is being drawn from a database. The intention is to update the Study Abroad Guide content from a web interface into this database and to export the updated content from the database to the DTP print file.

This is a jointly run project involving staff from Publications and Marketing Services (UCL Student & Registry Services) and from UCL Web Services (EISD). Assistance has also been provided by staff in Management Systems (EISD).

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