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The Prospective Students website is designed to provide information on a wide range of subjects of interest to prospective student considering including UCL as one of their UCAS choices. However, it is essential that this information is supplemented by further detailed information provided on departmental websites.

Prospective students may access the UCL website through a wide variety of entry points. If they have used a search engine, the combination of search terms used will dictate, or at least contribute to, the search results generated. That being the case, it is important that prospective students can navigate their way through to the information they require and that the content is written in UCL's house style.

Style Guide for student recruitment literature.

Links to include on departmental websites

Students decide to which institution(s) they will apply based on many factors. In terms of the information they expect from higher education institutions this includes, amongst others:

  • degree programmes available
  • current research topics
  • entrance requirements
  • facilities and academic resources available
  • location
  • accommodation availability and cost
  • fees/funding issues
  • staff
  • welfare support and social activities.

It is important that prospective students can find information about all these subjects easily, regardless of where they enter the UCL site.  Departments are advised to provide links to the following centrally managed sections of the UCL website rather than duplicating content already provided on the Prospective Students site:

Additionally, further direct links to the Prospective Students site may be beneficial to departmental website managers - please browse the site for pages which may provide useful links.

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