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UCL Web Services staff have been working to implement a content management system (CMS) for the UCL website. Staff in Publications and Marketing Services are enthusiastic supporters of this and have now converted the vast bulk of the Prospective Students website to the CMS. Primary advantages of the CMS are:

  • it is browser-based so does not require special software to publish web pages
  • it enables content authors to update and maintain their own pages/sites, eliminating duplication of work
  • quality control can be maintained through a system of authors, editors and managers
  • it ensures that correct and consistent styling is applied across the UCL website
  • it is simple to use

PAMS staff have encouraged colleagues in the Department of Educational Liaison to use the CMS for updating their content on the Prospective Students site and most have found it easy to use and faster for updating web pages than was previously the case.

Support for using the CMS

The chosen package for UCL's Content Management System is called Silva and a number of resources are available across UCL to support current users and those considering its use:

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