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Degree programme PDF e-brochure ordering system


This service enables staff in UCL departments to directly order bulk printed copies of the PDF e-brochures for undergraduate and graduate taught degree programmes which appear in the UCL Undergraduate Prospectus and Graduate Prospectus. The ordering system links directly to Optichrome, the printing company which hosts this service.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Thoroughly check the current PDF copy of each programme you wish to have printed; you can find these via the indexes provided on the landing pages of the Undergraduate Prospectus and the Graduate Prospectus
  2. If the content of the brochure(s) you wish to order requires updating, please contact Pat Newby (p.newby[a]
  3. Once you are satisfied with the current PDF(s) for your programme(s), consult the pricing list (see tab above) and obtain a Purchase Order (PO) number through My Finance for your department. The PO should quote Optichrome as the supplier who are listed within FIS. You will be dealing with them directly for deliveries and invoice payments.
  4. Once you have your PO number you can place your order via the link (see tab above) to Optichrome's checkout desk where the process is very similar to everyday internet shopping carts. You will need to create an account and supply the delivery address.
  5. Once the order has been placed, you will receive an email asking you to proof-check the PDF(s) you have ordered. Please check carefully! (PAMS, who are responsible for quality control of UCL's student recruitment communications, will also receive notification of the order and may check the PDF(s) before they are printed. 
  6. Your PDF(s) will be sent to the delivery address supplied during the ordering process. 
  7. Please allow at least 3 weeks for this entire process to be completed - however, once signed off, printing and delivery should only take four days.

If you have any queries or problems please get in touch with Publications and Marketing Services.

Price list

Please note prices are per PDF publication. For example 2 x 100 copies = £220 (not £156!)

REMEMBER: It is usually cheaper to order make one large order for each publication than to make several small, repeat orders. If you are confident that you will not be changing major details before the next update (UG published in February each year, PGT in September), it will be cheaper to order as many as you need for the current student recruitment cycle.

Quantity Price Production Schedule (From final copy sign off)
50 £ 75.00 4 Working Days
100 £ 110.00 4 Working Days
150 £ 132.00 4 Working Days
200 £ 156.00 4 Working Days
250 £ 180.00 4 Working Days
300 £ 204.00 4 Working Days
350 £ 228.00 4 Working Days
400 £ 252.00 4 Working Days
450 £ 275.00 4 Working Days
500 £ 298.00 4 Working Days
550 £ 321.00 4 Working Days
600 £ 325.00 4 Working Days
1,000 £ 340.00 4 Working Days
2,000 £ 425.00 4 Working Days
3,000 £ 505.00 4 Working Days
4,000 £ 580.00 4 Working Days
5,000 £ 650.00 4 Working Days
10.000 £ 985.00 4 Working Days

Place order

The link below will open in a new window and take you through to the catalogue of PDFs for undergraduate degree programmes. Orders will then be printed and delivered by Optichrome.

PLEASE NOTE: Invoices will be sent directly to your department from Optichrome and must be paid within 30 days.


Please ensure you enter full details of your delivery address including:

  • recipient name
  • room number
  • building name
  • department etc.

as this will be used by the delivery driver to locate the actual delivery point.

Addresses such as 'UCL, Gower Street' may mean your order could take longer to deliver or go to the wrong place.

>> Click here to view the UCL PDF Catalogue >>

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