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Notes and guidance for student recruitment communications

These notes apply both to printed publication and websites.

  • Corporate Identity. All publications must be in corporate identity; that means the full banner and viewfinder and not just the stand-alone logo which is only for use when joint-initiatives are being promoted. This is especially important in international markets where the UCL name is especially important for attracting students. All departments should be prefixed by ‘UCL’ (e.g. UCL Slade School of Fine Art, UCL Department of French, UCL Institute of Archaeology etc.).
  • All printed student recruitment publications must be audited by Student Recruitment Communications. This is a UCL policy requirement and is contained in the Academic Manual at:
  • Student recruitment subject booklets should be produced annually and there should be separate UG and PG publications. They should be well-written, engaging and informative. Plain English should be used – again, this is especially the case for international markets.
  • All printing of booklets should be tendered through UCL’s approved printing service suppliers as arranged by UCL Procurement Services. This is a legal requirement and suppliers would have the right to make a formal complaint if they discover that a formal tendering process has not been followed.
  • Websites should be more than a replication of printed materials; print and web publications should complement each other and, where facts are included, these should be consistent. However, simply replicating printed materials online is of little use to students who, generally, expect more detailed, further information to be available there as well as core information.


Publications and Marketing Services offer a free design and typesetting service for any student recruitment materials – this automatically includes auditing and proofing processes which have to be undertaken anyway. Details are available at:

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