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UCL Audit Policy

The Director of Communications and Marketing is responsible for the overall production of student recruitment literature. UCL policy states that all printed student recruitment materials must, therefore, be submitted for audit to the Publications and Marketing Services (PAMS) team prior to being sent for print.

This has been UCL policy for many years, with the vast bulk of student recruitment publications being audited by PAMS and its predecessors. This is important as the UCL Corporate Identity has very specific guidelines for its use.

The following points should be borne in mind when producing printed student recruitment materials:

  • ALL printed publicity, where the primary focus is student recruitment, must be audited for content and style
  • You may use external individuals/agencies (including other UCL in-house providers such as Media Resources) for design/typesetting, but student recruitment content must be audited by PAMS staff
  • The PAMS style guide must be followed. Details are available on this website at:
  • Where used, imagery should reflect the broad diversity of UCL's student population and the underlying ethos of access for all students based on academic merit 
  • UCL's Corporate Identity must be used. Guidelines for its use are available at:
  • Items must be printed by UCL's approved suppliers - contact Procurement for details, or ask PAMS for further details.

If you have an item which requires audit, please contact the Publications and Marketing Services team at: (see PAMS Contacts for further contact details).

Alternatively, you may wish to consider having your student recruitment item designed and typeset by Publications and Marketing Services.  Auditing and correct use of the Corporate Identity is undertaken as part of the design/typesetting process.  Further details are available on the Design and Typesetting page.


Further notes and guidelines

Click here for further notes and guidelines about good practice relating to student recruitment communications.

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