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Design and Typesetting

As indicated elsewhere on this site, all student recruitment items must appear in the UCL corporate identity and be audited for accuracy, consistency and style. This remains the case, even if you use external designers and printers.

UCL's Visual Identity Style Guide is available at: If you are using external designers for your student recruitment publications, you should refer them to this site (a UCL user-id and password is required to access the site, so you may prefer to download the Style Guide and forward it to your designers).

PAMS Service for UCL Academic Departments

Publications and Marketing Services staff can provide advice for, design and typeset any printed student recruitment item. This service is provided free-of-charge to all academic departments. 

The benefits of using the PAMS service are as follows:

  • All designs adhere to the UCL Visual Identity Style Guide.
  • All copy is audited by PAMS as part of the design/typesetting process.
  • Consistency is maintained with information provided across UCL's range of centrally-produced publications.
  • PAMS staff can provide advice (or provide details of colleagues who can do so) about the best format of item to produce, where and when to distribute and suggest possible alternative options.
  • The service is provided free-of-charge. Certain times of year are especially busy and our core prospectus and departmental booklet work has to take priority; we will inform you at the time of your request if we are unable to incorporate your project in our schedule.
  • Departments pay only for printing costs. These are kept to a minimum by selection of appropriate printers for each type of job (print companies used have been approved through the UCL print tendering process on the basis of reliability, value-for-money and quality of service. Competitive estimates are obtained - see 'Costs' section for further details).

Requests for further details or enquiries about using the service should be addressed to, xtn 37102. See PAMS Contacts page for full contact details of PAMS staff. 

We will arrange for an initial discussion with you to understand your aims and objectives for the item to be produced, the timescale of the project and to consider any alternatives.

Other Design and Typesetting Services

You may choose to use an external design/typesetting individual or agency for your student recruitment publications. As indicated elsewhere, content is still required to be audited by PAMS staff and the design used must conform to the UCL Visual Identity Style Guide.

Alternatively, or if you are looking to produce a publication that is not focused on student recruitment, UCL Creative and Media Resources staff offer a design and typesetting service amongst the many multi-media services they provide.

As with the PAMS design/typesetting service, all items will be produced within the UCL Corporate Identity guidelines and, if you are producing a student recruitment-focused publication, the content must still be audited by PAMS.

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