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Costs and benefits

The Design and Typesetting provided by Publications and Marketing Services is provided free-of-charge to UCL's student-recruiting academic departments.  The primary benefits to UCL are:

  • Consistency of design
  • Accuracy and consistency of content
  • Overall costs minimised through consolidation of similar activities
  • Student recruitment benefits maximised through careful targeting of publications using our knowledge and experience

The primary benefits to academic departments are:

  • Design/typesetting costs minimised
  • Knowledge that design will be in corporate style (an absolute requirement for all student recruitment publications)
  • Knowledge that content has satisfied auditors

Costs incurred by departments

Departments are required to pay only the print cost of any items designed and typeset by PAMS. We make use of all of UCL's suppliers who qualified under UCL's 2005/6 print tendering process. Competitive estimates will be obtained through a mini-tendering process in line with UCL policy. This is designed to ensure that print quality and price are taken into account before a contract is awarded.

The normal procedure for paying print costs is as follows:

  • Department submits design/typeset job to PAMS
  • Mini tendering process is carried out by PAMS
  • PAMS advises department of cost
  • PAMS places order
  • Item printed and delivered
  • Printing invoice sent to PAMS
  • Invoice forwarded to department
  • Department pays directly.

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