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Publications and Marketing Services (PAMS)

PAMS Contacts

  All enquiries: pams@ucl.ac.uk
xtn 37102
Head of Publications and Marketing Services Ian Bartlett     i.bartlett@ucl.ac.uk
xtn 37106
Graduate Marketing Manager John Burnett
xtn 54055
Multimedia Manager Niko Van Poortvliet n.poortvliet@ucl.ac.uk
xtn 37108
Design and Communications Manager Rachel Hobbs r.hobbs@ucl.ac.uk
xtn 33656
Senior Communications Officer
(Web Development)
Ben Johnston b.johnston@ucl.ac.uk
xtn 32958
Senior Communications Officer (Editorial)
Katie Grocott
xtn 31311
Communications Officer
Patricia Newby p.newby@ucl.ac.uk
xtn 37102
Communications Officer (Web) Mark Skinsley mark.skinsley@ucl.ac.uk
xtn 31386
Communications Officer Jake Pryce jacob.pryce@ucl.ac.uk
xtn 54053

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