Support and welfare

At UCL we're committed to ensuring you have access to high-quality support, advice and welfare services, so that you can make the most of your time studying – and enjoy your time off!

Tutors and supervisors

In most cases you will find that your research supervisor or departmental graduate tutor can provide direct help with academic issues, and can also provide information about UCL's more specialised facilities and services covering academic, practical and personal matters.

Student support website

The Student support website is a helpful web portal to a vast array of information and advice, tailored towards issues and concerns affecting students. Once you have enrolled as a student and have a UCL computer identity the website provides access to an anonymous peer support forum.

The portal is accessed at:

UCL Student Disability Services

UCL Student Disability Services provides information and advice for all disabled UCL students. It organises support services such as mote-taking, communication support, mentoring and study skills tuition. We can also assist students in applications for Disabled Students Allowance and other funds, and can provide assessments of dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Further information is available at:

UCL Student Psychological Services

If you have a problem that is causing you to feel worried or distressed, you can book an appointment to talk, in confidence, with a professionally training counsellor.

In addition to one-to-one advice, the service also runs workshops on concerns common to many students such as dealing with stress, confidence-building and making presentations.

Further information is available at:

UCL Health Centre

UCL's Health Centre is located on the Bloomsbury campus. It houses both a National Health Service (NHS) General Practice providing a range of services for treating illness and maintaining health, and a Dental Practice.

UCL Day Nursery

UCL's Day Nursery can accommodate 38 babies and children aged between three months and five years. There is usually a waiting list for places, and you are advised to contact the Nursery Manager as early as possible if you wish to apply for a place.

Further information is available at:

UCL Student Centre

The UCL Student Centre is a walk-in facility for all graduate students which provides help and guidance on a wide range of matters, including visa issues. It also organises an International Students' Orientation Programme for all new international students – see for details.