Summer Schools and Taster Sessions

2014/15 programmes

Programme Department
Spatial Planning (Bartlett) MSc Bartlett School of Planning
Urban Regeneration (Bartlett) MSc Bartlett School of Planning
Transport and City Planning (Bartlett) MSc Bartlett School of Planning
Housing Development (Bartlett) MSc Bartlett School of Planning
History MA History
European History MA History
Audiological Sciences MSc Ear Institute
Aquatic Science MSc Geography
Environmental Modelling MSc Geography
Urban Studies MSc Geography
Global Migration MSc Geography
Public Policy MA Political Science
Human Rights MA Political Science
International Public Policy MSc Political Science
Security Studies MSc Political Science
History of Art MA History of Art
Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging MSc Computer Science
Computer Science MSc Computer Science
Latin American Studies MA
Insitute of the Americas
Social and Cultural Anthropology MSc Anthropology
Anthropology, Design and Development MSc Anthropology
Culture, Materials and Design MA Anthropology
Medical Anthropology MSc Anthropology
Systems Engineering Management MSc Space & Climate Physics
Biochemical Engineering MSc Engineering
Chemical Process Engineering MSc Engineering