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  • FT / Full-time
  • PT / Part-time (over two years)
  • FX / Flexible mode of study available (up to five years)
  • DL / Distance-learning mode available

Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences

Our department takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying the perception and production of speech, combining work in phonetics, hearing, perception, neurobiology and computational modelling. We examine the basic processes underlying speech, and connect this to practical applications addressing hearing impairment, atypical perceptual and cognitive development, language training, and speech technologies. Studying in our department will allow you to work with an internationally leading group of speech, hearing, and phonetics researchers, with many possibilities for external collaboration through our industrial, clinical, and academic links. Our recent graduates are employed as lecturers, postdoctoral researchers, and speech technology engineers.

Taught and research programmes

Degree programme Qualifications Modes
Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences MPhil/PhD FT3, PT5

Student/staff ratios

  • 9 staff
  • 0 taught students
  • 23 research students


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Staff View

"The current department with which I am affiliated is one of the best in the UK and also in the world, so I feel privileged to work in such a high-quality environment. The available research facilities offer me an enormous range of opportunities to develop my research ambitions."

Dr Jyrki Tuomainen

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Staff View

"In London, and at UCL in particular, I am surrounded by excellent colleagues who have helped me to shape my research in numerous ways. At least half of the techniques we use today in the laboratory were unknown to me until I joined UCL and started collaborating with colleagues."

Professor Matteo Carandini

Professor of Visual Neuroscience

Subject: Ophthalmology, Faculty: Brain Sciences