Eastman Dental Institute MPhil/PhD

Research areas:

The institute has a global reputation for high quality research in three key areas:
  • Biomaterials and tissue engineering: biomaterials for tissue regeneration; hard and soft tissue biology and repair
  • Clinical research: wound healing; inflammation
  • Microbial diseases: biofilms and ecology; genetics and virulence; cellular microbiology; antimicrobial strategies and resistance.
Many of these areas have a direct link with common diseases of the head and neck (e.g. caries, periodontitis, congenital disorders of craniofacial and dental structure, oral malignancy). As such, both clinical and non-clinical research students have significant opportunities to pursue interdisciplinary and translational research to solve both clinical and more fundamental biomedical science problems relevant to oral health.

Opportunities are available in a number of exciting areas including metagenomics, systems biology, nanotechnology, hospital-acquired infections and stem cells. The cutting-edge facilities of the Institute, supported by platform technologies, ensures that students can engage in inventive and original research cultivating in an environment that is rich in world-class scholars.

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Entry requirements

Applicants must meet UCL’s general entry requirements for MPhil/PhD. A range of projects suitable for study are available.

English level expected: Good


Research degrees may start at any time of the year, but typically start in September. Deadlines and start dates are usually dictated by funding arrangements so check with the department or academic unit (contact listed in Next steps, right) to see if you need to consider these in your application preparation. In most cases you should identify and contact potential supervisors before making your application. For more information see our How to apply page.


  • UK/EU Full-time: £4,500
  • UK/EU Part-time: £2,250
  • Overseas Full-time: £20,900
  • Overseas Part-time: £10,450


Some projects offered for PhD are already funded and studentships will be advertised both on the main Research page and on the UCL jobs website.

Full details of funding opportunities can be found on the UCL Scholarships website


Recent graduates have either continued on an academic career pathway by obtaining research or academic positions at leading universities, or have entered managerial or research positions in the health service, government or industry. Some graduates have secured prestigious specialist training posts.

Top career destinations for this programme

  • Imperical College and Westminster NHS Trust, Post-Doctoral Researcher, 2011
  • Eastman Dental Institute, UCL, Clinical Lecturer/Honourary Consultant, 2011
  • University Hospital Rio, Lecturer, 2011
  • Thammasat University, Lecturer, 2010
  • Imperial College London, Research Associate, 2010


Being a part of UCL improves graduates' employability with industrial companies from the pharmaceutical sector in particular, and due to the reputation of the institute graduates are sought after in the field of dentistry worldwide.


Students are encouraged to attend and contribute to conferences in the UK and internationally. Each year, the institute allocates a sum of money for the purpose of supporting those who wish to travel to a conference or comparable event, either in the UK or overseas, in order to present a paper or poster based on their work. The institute also hosts a variety of speakers throughout the year and all our students are encouraged to attend these talks and network with their peers.

Next steps


T: +44 (02)0 3456 1092


Eastman Dental Institute

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Student View

"Attending a prestigious dental graduate institute, being part of a world-class research project and performing at the Olympic Opening Ceremony can only happen here at UCL!"

Polly Pok-Lam Fung

Degree: PhD

Staff View

"Working at UCL Eastman means I can meet with colleagues from other specialities to discuss complex cases, innovative treatments and multi-disciplinary care. Watching my graduate students present their research at international conferences is incredibly rewarding and a highlight of my job."

Susan Parekh

Lecturer/Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry