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  • FT / Full-time
  • PT / Part-time (over two years)
  • FX / Flexible mode of study available (up to five years)
  • DL / Distance-learning mode available

Cell and Developmental Biology

UCL Cell and Developmental Biology brings together leading international experts in cell, developmental and evolutionary biology, as well as in circadian rhythms, sleep and stem cell/regenerative biology. We have superb imaging facilities, housing the main imaging facility for Life Sciences. Several PhD programmes, including the Wellcome Trust-funded PhD in Developmental and Stem Cell Biology, support our students for four years. Networking between other programmes, departments and even institutions is common and highly encouraged. This includes close interactions and training in aspects of computational and systems biology. The majority of our students continue to pursue successful careers in science, frequently undertaking postdoctoral research after their PhD, or working in biotech or the pharmaceutical industry. Other careers include work in science education, media and government policy.

Taught and research programmes

Degree programme Qualifications Modes
Cell and Developmental Biology MPhil/PhD FT3, PT5
Developmental and Stem Cell Biology PhD FT4,

Student/staff ratios

  • 34 staff
  • 0 taught students
  • 71 research students


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Alumni View

"UCL has been great for networking. At the major conferences I attend each year I meet friends and colleagues even though they might be in different sub-disciplines. I am still in regular contact with many people from UCL who are scattered throughout the world, especially in the USA."

Jaime McCutcheon

, University of Leicester, 2007

Staff View

"I enjoy the continual interaction with people of a high intellectual calibre from many different disciplines. At UCL one is in the centre of things"

Dr Jonathan Chubb


Subject: Molecular Cell Biology (Laboratory for), Faculty: Life Sciences