Entrepreneurship case studies

Old Bond

PhD student Art Stavenka (UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies) and his business partner Kiryl Chykeyuk, started their outdoor advertising company with the help of a Bright Ideas Award from UCL Advances.

The technology behind the Old Bond London is simple but effective: four strips of LED lights, attached to bicycle wheels, produce startling illuminated animations ideally suited to advertising on city streets. 

Old Bond

Beba Mtoto!

PhD student and mother-of-two Raphaela Heussen (UCL CoMPLEX) is passionately interested in the traditional parenting technique of babywearing, where a parent carries a child using a sling or harness strapped to the body.

Inspired by the technique, which is widely used in Africa, Asia and South America, Raphaela developed an innovative baby carrier which is ergonomically correct for both the wearer and the baby and allows the wearer to keep his or her hands free while providing the closeness and emotional benefits to the child that traditional babywearing can provide.

Her company, Beba Mtoto!, was the winner of a UCL Bright Ideas Award in 2013, and Raphaela is currently working on producing a next-generation carrier for older children and toddlers.

Raphaela Heussen

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