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Only pub sceptics will insist this isn't Richard III

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Crossing your fingers might reduce pain

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UCL has been independently ranked as the most productive research university in Europe (SIR World Report 2011).

Research Assessment 2008

The Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) is conducted jointly by the funding bodies for Higher Education in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and the most recent results were published in December 2008. The RAE assesses the quality of research activity in academic disciplines at each university, producing a quality profile showing the percentage of research at four levels:

  • 4* ('world-leading')
  • 3* ('internationally excellent')
  • 2* ('internationally recognised')
  • 1* ('nationally recognised').

In the vast majority of UCL's submissions at least 50% of the staff submitted were ranked at 4* or 3*. Subject entries in the UCL Graduate Prospectus give the percentage of staff producing research of world-leading or internationally excellent quality.

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