The Residences

UCL offers several types of residence to its students. Click the links to find out more about the different types of accommodation and details of the individual residences:

At UCL the phrase ‘Hall of Residence’ is used to describe catered accommodation. There are three Halls of Residence at UCL: Astor College, Ifor Evans Hall and Ramsay Hall, which provide breakfast and dinner from Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays and six UCL closure days.

For further information and full listings, visit the Halls of Residence section.

Student Houses are residences in which students are responsible for providing and cooking their own food and cleaning their own rooms (and common areas if living in flats). Kitchens are provided in which students may prepare their own food, or meals may be bought from the various food outlets on the main UCL campus.

For further information and full listings, visit the Student Houses section.

As part of the University of London, UCL has access to approximately 500 places for its students in the catered Intercollegiate Halls. These Halls, all within easy reach of UCL, are available to students attending UCL and any college of the University of London.

An independent Intercollegiate Hall, Goodenough College, will be providing places for 50 international graduate students. 

For further information and full listings, visit UCL's Intercollegiate Halls section.

UCL Student Accommodation is able to offer limited assistance to students seeking privately let flats and lodgings, through suitable agencies and by means of the UCL Guarantee Scheme. Those students who wish to obtain private lodgings or flats, and those unable to secure a place in UCL or intercollegiate residence, are also advised to contact the University of London Housing Services, whose work is exclusively in the private sector. 

For further information and full listings, visit UCL's Alternative Accommodation section.

For full information on accommodation fees charged by UCL and the University of London, please visit the Fees section.

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