Living in London

To live in London is to experience one of the great cities of the world. Students at UCL benefit from our location in the centre of the capital, the hub of culture, arts, politics, government, the media, the law and the great financial institutions of the City.

London offers a scene and status unrivalled by any other city. UCL, England’s third oldest university, is at the heart of what has been described as ‘the knowledge capital of the world.’

Yet, for many students considering university in London, worries about the cost of living and studying may deter them from choosing to study here. Although it is a fact that studying in London can be more expensive than in some other parts of the UK, the true picture is often exaggerated. These pages set out to consider some of the concerns most commonly raised:

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Your main costs as a student will be living expenses, including accommodation, travel, entertainment, books, food and clothing.

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London is well served by transport links, with many major infrastructure improvements currently in progress. Getting around the city is easy, as is travelling to and from London from the UK, Europe and the wider world. UCL is located in the Bloomsbury district at the very centre of London. 

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A vital element of student life and in London you will be spoilt for choice!

In many respects London need be no more expensive for students than any other university town or city. Many of London’s attractions are free: libraries, galleries, museums, parks and street markets are everywhere. With a little money to spend you have the pick of theatre, cinema, opera, ballet, music, sport and nightlife and many of these attractions offer discounts for students.

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