Conditions, Vacations and Availability

Offer conditions

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Detailed conditions of the offer and the accommodation regulations will be sent to you electronically with your offer. The main general conditions may be summarised as follows:

  • accommodation is provided for you only as long as you remain a registered full-time student at UCL. You must notify the UCL Student Residences Office immediately of any change in your student status. You are not allowed to sub-let or allow any other person to use your room. Pets are not allowed. Smoking is not permitted.
  • you must pay your fees for residence when you receive your invoice. Failure to pay by the deadline notified will result in a late payment fee and you may be asked to leave the residence. Fees for residence are normally paid on a termly basis (i.e. in three instalments at the beginning of each term).
  • accommodation is normally provided for the standard three terms plus the start of the summer vacation. In both catered and self-catered residences the offer includes residence for Christmas and Easter vacations.
  • you must abide by the rules and regulations for the residence in which you are provided with a room. In particular, residents must observe the regulations governing safety and security and do nothing to compromise their own or other residents’ safety and security. Residents are expected to behave in a manner which encourages good order in their residence. It is also expected that rooms are returned clean.
  • if you wish to leave your place in a UCL residence, you must submit a Notice to Quit online via UCL Student Accommodation Online Services. For both self-catered houses and catered halls, you must give 28 days' notice to quit, expiring at the end of the Christmas vacation in the year you take up residence if you wish to leave at the end of the first term. Full details will accompany your offer.

Vacation accommodation

In both catered and self-catered residences, the offer includes residence during the Christmas, Easter and start of the summer vacations.

In the summer vacation, some places are available for students wishing to remain in student residences. An online application is required for this extra period and no guarantee of availability can be given. Applications should be available online from March for the following summer. Graduate students and clinical medical students are given priority for places in the summer if their programme is based on a calendar year (12 months) rather than an academic year (nine months).

Arriving at your residence

For the 2015/16 academic session, you can move into your room on Saturday, 19th September 2015.

If you will be late moving into your accommodation you must submit a Late Arrival Notification online via UCL Student Accommodation Online Services. If you fail to move in by the first day of term and have not notified of your late arrival, your offer will lapse and your deposit will not be returned.