Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

You will find many of the questions you may have about accommodation at UCL answered by reading the content on this website.

However, in order to help you to find what you want to know more easily, we have produced a leaflet which includes a series of questions which are frequently raised.

Many of the questions for prospective students are covered in the accordions listed below. Any references made to page numbers refer to the Frequently Asked Questions booklet (PDF).

For further assistance, please contact the UCL Accommodation Office.

Application deadlines

Allocation of places

What is the deadline to apply for accommodation?
Can I still apply for accommodation if I have missed the deadline?
I received an offer to study at UCL after the accommodation deadline; am I still guaranteed a place?
When will I receive a response?
I plan to defer my entry to UCL. Should I still complete the online application for accommodation?
I received an email informing me that I am unable to secure UCL housing prior to the start of term, what should I do?
On the application for accommodation where can I state a preference for a particular hall or house?
How is the accommodation allocated?
How is it decided who rooms together?
I am a graduate student; will I be placed with undergraduate students?
How many singles, twins and flats are in each residence?
Are residences mixed sex or single sex?
I'll be under 18 when I move into a UCL accommodation. Will this impact the accommodation offer that I receive?


What duration is the accommodation offered for?
My programme runs for a calendar year (12 months) rather than an academic year (9 months). Can I continue to stay in UCL accommodation over the summer period?
My programme ends in March; can you provide accommodation from September to March?
Can I stay in my room during the Christmas and Easter vacations?


How can I pay the deposit/rent for a UCL Hall or Student House?
Am I eligible to apply for student accommodation as a part-time student?
Will I receive acknowledgement of my accommodation application?
Since completing my application form for residence I have been diagnosed with a medical condition which changes my housing requirements. Who should I notify?