Couples and families

Couples and families

Couples' accommodation

UCL accommodation for students and partners who are married or in a civil partnership is available at:

Family accommodation

There is limited UCL accommodation available for students accompanied by children at:

Additionally, International Hall has a small number of flats available for students with children. Information on the application process and deadline for students with children at International Hall can be found on the University of London website. The application process differs slightly for students with families and you will need to submit an application form, which can be found on this page. Please email info.halls@london.ac.uk for further information. At present you may only apply for accommodation for the 2016/17 session; application for 2017/18 entry will open in May 2017.

Students with children are advised not to bring them to London until firm arrangements for accommodation are in place.

Application process

All students applying for UCL or University of London accommodation (except International Hall) should apply directly through the accommodation application portal. There is a separate application process for family accommodation at International Hall, please see above.

Application portal

Application deadlines

Please be aware of the application deadlines for undergraduate and graduate students.