• So before you buy anything new, make sure you check WARPit to see if you could get the same item for free.
Check WARPit before buying anything new

WARPit makes it easy for staff to find others at UCL with items or equipment to spare. It also makes it easy for staff to find new owners for those items they don’t need.

If you’ve never used WARPit before, now is the perfect time to get started. It’s simple to use and is an easy way to get items you need while sharing those you don’t.

Save money, time and carbon

Using WARPit can help you save money, resources and energy. It’ll also contribute towards meeting your staff environmental obligations.

WARPit can help your department make savings on purchasing and waste disposal costs, as well as avoiding landfill and carbon emissions.

Sign up now

WARPit can help you share or procure anything from furniture, equipment and stationery; to books, fittings and computers.

To access WARPit, take 2 minutes to sign up at: www.warp-it.co.uk/UCL

If you’d like help or advice using WARPit, just get in touch with Paul Monk (p.monk@ucl.ac.uk).