Exhibitions and Supplier Days

Exhibitions and supplier days are an important part of our Procurement calendar.


Exhibitions are held in the autumn and spring of each year, towards the beginning of the first and second term.

The exhibitions are an opportunity for contracted suppliers to meet with end users and to display their current offerings. The exhibitors are asked to promote key themes in line with the objectives of Procurement and UCL.

The exhibitions are held in the cloisters of the Wilkins Building on the main site

For each exhibition suppliers of the same commodity are grouped together.

Attendance at exhibitions is by invitation only. There is no cost.


A table and two chairs will be provided for each exhibitor.

Suppliers are expected to bring their own exhibition stands. Basic display boards can be provided on request. A table will be provided. Power and WiFi connectivity will be available

Supplier Days

Supplier days are an innovation. The first will be held in July 2011. The objective is to invite a number of key contracted suppliers and to give them insight into the current problems facing UCL and how we expect to solve them.

The problems which we will face are not unique within the public sector. We are looking for feedback on solutions which have been successful for other universities or public sector bodies.

Attendance is by invitation only.