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What is a UCL Contracted Supplier?
What should I do if I find a product or service that is cheaper from a non-contracted supplier?
Who do I contact in Procurement Services to discuss a contracted supplier?
How do I complain to a supplier?
A supplier has told me that they are a UCL preferred supplier, how can I check this?
What are the differences between Procurement and Purchasing?
A supplier has asked me to sign an agreement/contract, what should I do?
Why does procurement need to get the UCL set of terms agreed with the supplier?
What's the most suitable Procurement process that I should follow?


I want to find a contractor for development/design, content management of a website or creation of a mobile application. I cannot find a suitable contracted supplier listed on the Procurement website. What do I do?
I want to buy a PC/Laptop/Tablet computer and can't find it in the catalogue on MyFinance marketplace?
I want to buy a PC/Laptop computer from a manufacturer who is not listed on the framework
I want to buy a PC/Laptop and don't know what specification I need
I've seen a PC/Laptop computer in the local shop, can I purchase this there and claim the money back via expenses?
I want to purchase Apple Equipment, why do I have to use resellers and why can't I go directly to Apple?
I want to purchase some software, how can I do this?

Laboratories and Workshops 

I can't find a chemical that I want on the marketplace what do I do?
Does UCL hold a duty free license to purchase duty free products (ethanol and methanol)?
Can I buy a domestic fridge/freezer to store my tissue and reagents in?
What shipping code should I use for shipping goods outside the UK?

New Supplier Requests

I want to set up a new supplier, how do I do this?
How long will it take to process my New Supplier Request Form?
How do I add or amend a company?
I want to use a consultant to provide services for a special piece of work, what terms do I need to put in place?

Responsible Procurement

How can I be a responsible buyer?
Do I actually need to buy it?
What is it made of?
Under what conditions was it made?
How far has it travelled?
What is it packaged in?
How will it be used?
How can it be disposed of?

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